Configuration via environment variablesΒΆ

In a similar way you can programatically customize the behavior of your nodes or specify some options when you advertise a topic, it is possible to use an environment variable to tweak the behavior of Ignition Transport. Next you can see a description of the available environment variables:

Environment variable Value allowed Description
IGN_PARTITION Any partition value Specifies a partition name for all the nodes declared inside this process. Note that an alternative partition name declared programatically and passed to the constructor of a Node class will take priority over IGN_PARTITION.
IGN_IP Any local IP address This setting is needed in situations where you have multiple IP addresses for a computer and need to force Ignition Transport to use a particular one. This setting is only required if you advertise a topic or a service. If you are only subscribed to topics or requesting services you don’t need to use this option because the discovery service will try all the available network interfaces during the search of the topic/service.
IGN_VERBOSE 1 Show debug information.